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    There are now two BF4 servers. :woohoo: With sort of same format as before. “Noob” and “Noob Friendly”.
    Spread the word guys. Make it fast fun.

    I must say the BF4 experience has been worth the wait. In all forms. (Wonder what BFBC3/HLDM3 holds in store?)

    Ahem! We’ve put a donations page up ( or will be). Please read the donations format first, including rules etc.
    It’s just to help the servers run on an even keel. Don’t worry , we’re not after your hidden treasures. ­čść

    Any problems contact the senior clan members or leave a note here and wait for a reply. If it’s urgent, then its in TS.
    Remember we’re not a 365/24/7 service. So some times, answers will arrive in a timely manner.

    All the best soldier, see you out there in the field.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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