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Welcome to the Clansmen Gaming Community.

By all means come and join us on Teamspeak for that Clansmen sense of humour.

We’re normally on TeamSpeak ts.clansmen.org:27300 or Discord, please join the Clansmen by clicking the connect links below.

Interested in joining CM ? We are recruiting,  Apply here.  

Battlefield server rules.

 The Clansmen Cometh

From all over the lands you will find people of the ‘world’ clans.   The honourable and dishonourable are everywhere to be discovered.
But only the few will ever be called Clansmen.
The Clansmen are found be honourable and trustworthy; no matter from wherest they cometh. 
Claiming to be a Clansmen, and being a Clansmen, have two meanings. But only the faithful can speak the truth.
Lead by example. Follow with knowledge. Trust the worthy. Trial with honour. Renounce all others.
And when all else fails.  ULTIMA RATIO REGUM

(The final argument of kings : War)

We’re just run of the mill girls & guys. We really enjoy playing these games for fun and nothing else. Please. join in with the fun as well, it makes it all the more worthwhile.

Our website troops are battling out new strategies to place here, that’s both interesting and worthy to live on these pages. Please call back soon for updates as they happen.

To register. It costs nothing! Yes, you read right. Free to sign up and join in. Join us on Discord /ts.clansmen.org:27300   and get to know us before taking the plunge! (Even if you want to only text type)
(It will help with your application too!) 😉

New members are joining with a steady flow. Welcome them into the Clan and also in the forums with a rather large Hooaah!

Join us on Discord/ ts.clansmen.org:27300 , our voice chat servers. Check the VOIP Conduct.