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    So i feel i need to air my view regarding TS conduct,

    It is getting tiresome the amount of complaining
    1,Yes we all are aware the Game is broken and yes we all have a opinion about but the thing is we have all aired then and discussed them in great detail the day the patch come out. As you may say “but i was not here for that” sorry but thats not our fault we will gladly listen to your opinion and offer our findings but we are all getting sick and tired of the same conversation every night,

    If you do feel that you are getting annoyed with 1 or more ppl in TS you are also able to mute them this i found to be great as you can get on with your game with less annoyance

    2, Ok you have a suspicion regarding a player dont keep going on about it jump into spectate and observe if you can record him/her once you are sure use the !report that is set in place for this very occasion. But please dont abuse it also have you thought that the player might just might be that good he can kill you we dont need to hear you bitching just take these easy steps A,stop and observe B,Record the suspected offender and finally Carrot,use !report so it can be looked into

    And finally What is it with the constant delerious ranting and giving a running commentary about what your doing or what you have just done we are all in the same game and Know what has happened we really dont care if you have just done a 360 no scope double somersault half turn pike and nailed the landing.

    I sorry if this seems a little harsh but i come into game to wind down as do most of us but recently i have been coming off game and feel more tense than when i started gaming.

    Sorry if this is offends anyone all i want to do is to get ppl to understand just how annoying things can get and rather me shoot my mouth of in TS and offend all in channel ive put it into word for you all to read (stepping down from my soapbox) (rant over)


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