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    What is your in-game name? TheBostralian420
    How old are you (18+)? 28
    Why do you want to join the Clansmen clan/community? The members seem to be more active than my current community, and i was aked to join.
    What other games have you played? Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2
    Do you have previous game Admin experience? yes, but on console
    Voice communication is preferred . Do you have a microphone and Teamspeak? yes, i am currently in teamspeak ^.^
    Were you referred by a member (who)? Bloodstainglory
    Hacking, cheating or glitching are forbidden. Will you abstain from hacking, cheating or glitching? I will not hack, cheat, or glitch; instead i will ptfo, grape, and tbag my way to victory!!!!!!!!!
    Have you read the server rules and agree to follow them? yes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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