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    Hi all! :blush:

    My Name is Tomas Harlowe but you can call me HiT (which is my short-tag for Haste in Time) or just Tom. ;)

    I am happy to report that I’m loving what I see here because you guys rock for it! I wish Clansmen all the best. About me; I’m 25 and live in Detriot, Michigan (USA). I have been an avid collector and expert gamer for almost 23 years now. I play on all platforms new and old (Wii, 360, PS3, X1, 3DS, PC, PS4, Wii U, Vita ect). My favorite color is green and my favorite food is Pizza. As for my fave drink I love Simply’s Blueberry-Lemonade. I was born in August of 1988 in the Year of the Golden Dragon. Well, It’s really nice to meet you fine folks at clansmen and make my acquaintance :)

    More to the point; Since there will be no reason to apply here and there doesn’t seem to be a place for this sort of thing… As a fellow Clanleader I’m looking into other clans to see how they might choose to structure themselves and operate. You know, basically what their History is like, the Code of Conduct is and such. Research is important to me, since I just want to not screw up major and worry I did something wrong. Your insight will help on what I might need to do. Also because of this. I hereby promise and swear not to pressure anyone from Clansmen through any form of contact or method to join Rated for Mature [RFM] which is going to be a new gaming community that promotes good conduct and sportsmanship in a fun, relaxed, professional setting. Anyone however at Clansmen may dare ask at running their own risk of Clansmen taking any applicable action/s against them for any possible violations that might ensue if at their own will. As I am new here and as such dont know everything about this place yet but I intend to. As it seems just too awesome so far to exist in a setting like Battlefield today based on my prior short experiences in EA’s B3 forums (I was just trying to get my preferred controller to work proper on Battlefield 3 at the time and saw/met more trolls than I ever have, I know not all battlefield players are trolls since I love to play the game myself but that just left me wondering about non-EA forums if they were the ‘outstanding’ community members and players I’ve been hearing of since 1942 :/

    I must admit, I am loving this site. Is it custom? Seems so. However, its a bit hard to stare at and read sometimes because of the oranges and reds used here. So I might suggest light grays or whites for body text while the title headers can be any color. Just a minor gripe but maybe It’s the fact that I’m writing this before falling asleep to get up for my work on time tonight (as of writing this).

    The only other gripe I have here is; mandatory TS or Team-Speak as it is called. Is not my first choice for VOIP and wont matter when I go to setup more stuff for my clan. I personally don’t like using TS or Mumble. As they lack the better privacy, control, quality, and security Skype offers me for the same cost: free IMO. I get what TS is and does but it’s just not as user friendly I find. Skype is free with users making Skype to Skype calls on PC, OSX/iOS, Linux, Windows Phone, Vita, Xbox One and Android. However the only downside to that is that group calls can only be made from PC/OSX/Linux to my knowledge. Xbox One, maybe (I dunno yet). Windows Phone used to offer it but an update I had must have removed the feature so on other devices you can only receive and answer group calls so far. Correct me if I’m wrong on the other device’s functions through Skype’s App.

    but here is the great thing about Skype vs TS, even though Skype isn’t unlimited in the amount of people you can invite; ie since you can only have 25 members in a voice call. It’s enough so that you can fill a full team of 16ish to 20 (Via 64 match) in battlefield 3 and 4 then group call them through a Skype to Skype. If someone is about to drop out of the game session you can add the next person in the call immediately and best part from Skype; recently. They have updated Skype so that you no longer need to pay for the premium (video-call) service. You can make video calls ‘one-on-one’ or in group with up to 10 of your squad-mates to get up close and personal for more live and personal squad based re-actions. Its fairly arguable that Skype is better but that all just boils down to personal preference right? Sure it does. :)

    So back onto what makes Clansmen tick (which is why I’m here, for advice and friendly chat). If everyone here would be so kind as to share their prior experiences that brought them to Clansmen, how they prefer to play games and why you joined Clansmen (sorta like a background story/what drew you here?). I’d appreciate knowing that. As for Staff members, in addition I would like to hear how you join Clansmen too and how/why it was created (include the epic story of how clansmen obtained this site too). If you don’t mind.

    I think with with a little helpful insight I from you guys/gal @Clansmen I can create a great positive community of my own, please feel free to give your advice or ask a question pertaining to the subject. Also, I might consider hanging out with Clansmen in the future if permitted to help sponsor a friendly VS practice and maybe help financially if possible. Among other cool things. Thank you for your time, happy gaming Clansmen! Your all terrific. :cheer:

    Sincerely, (see you around)

    Haste in Time aka Tom Harlowe
    [HiT – Leader of RFM]

    On the side if you like, just feel free to give me your impressions of Star Wars Battlefront vs Battlefield=Hardline:
    *Which one would you rather buy 1st if they came out at the same time? and why? (if at all…)

    Battlefront Wikipedia:

    Official EA Trailer:

    Battlefield-Hardline Wikipedia:

    Battlefield-Hardline Trailer:

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