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    What is your in-game name? supervillian82
    How old are you (18+)? 32
    Why do you want to join the Clansmen clan/community? love the server list plus there is always a number of good players
    What other games have you played? bf1942 bf2 bf3 bf4, rome total war , zero hour , starcraft
    Do you have previous game Admin experience? yes i run my own server
    Voice communication is preferred . Do you have a microphone and Teamspeak? yes if needed i can connect
    Were you referred by a member (who)? no
    Hacking, cheating or glitching are forbidden. Will you abstain from hacking, cheating or glitching? yes
    Have you read the server rules and agree to follow them? yes

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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