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    So i’ve been around a while. Played since we had 2-3 BF3 servers. Always had a good time and gotten better and better as i go along (now i actually get accused of hacking xP). But even so, there are times in game when i’m just getting my ass handed to me. Now, i know i have off days. We all do. But even so, i’d be doing good one round, then the next some pub joins and starts whooping the entire team’s ass. not because they’re hacking, but because they’re just too damn good. I know we have an SPM limit set at 750, and it’s usually a pretty reasonable limit, but then i look at people like Uzi. Definitely a good player. Consistently a top scorer. His SPM is about 550. This, in combination to getting my ass handed to me on a daily basis by stat padders dropping their SPM to play on noob servers leads me to believe that the SPM limit is a bit too high. I’m not saying drop it dramatically to 250 or anything like that, but a bit of a drop, say to 500 or 600.

    Looking at the BF4 leaderboards, even an SPM of around 400 puts you in the top 50% of players worldwide, an SPM of 500 puts you in the top 35%. And a measly 4% of players are above 750. * This shows one of two things. Either if you’re a noob, you’re REALLY a noob, or there are way too many people with way too much skill below this 750 SPM limit.

    In summary, I feel the 750 SPM limit is a bit on the high side, and therefore needs a slight reduction to reduce the amount of players who are obviously not noobs joining the server and owning everyone.

    I in no way feel i am 100% right. there could be other things that point to this being a good limit, and all input, whether for or against my thoughts are appreciated :) (especially shmooove and tally :P)

    *All numbers adjusted for the 26% of players showing 0 for their SPM in the BattleLog leaderboards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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