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    It has brought to our attention that recently that some CM members and also none CM players have not been following the rule of no base raping at this time I’m choosing not to name and shame as i feel a simple refresh post will be a better way to do it. After all the rules are there to ensure we all have a good gaming experience and also to encourage new player to return.

    So please take a few minute to refresh you memories on the rules we have in place .

    Ingame Rules.

    1. NO BASE RAPING (NO Shooting into the ENEMY SPAWN BASE / Killing Enemy Players / Stealing enemy equipment).

    2. NO USE OF HACKS (Aim-bot, Wall Hack, Radar Hack, Spawn Hacks or any other) at all.

    3. NO DISRESPECTING/RACIAL SLURS Toward other people, or Clansmen (CM) (CMr) Members/Admin(s) playing with you on the Server.

    4. NO ADVERTISING for other Clans or Websites at all.

    5. DO NOT Destroy your Team Equipment just for the hell of it, or because someone got to the equipment first, that you want to use.

    6. DO NOT KILL Your Team Players (Meaning destroying equipment they are in or running then over with a jeep, and killing them).

    7. You COULD be Kicked (Automatically or by a Admin) for Reserve Slots, or to make room for Clansmen Members.

    8. DO NOT use Excessive Bad Language in Chat or on Voice while in Game on our Servers (The Chat Log is saved and can be recalled by any Clansmen Admin).

    9. It is not allowed to use our clan tags if you are not a member. Doing so could result in a ban.

    10. You COULD be kicked for High Ping (Which makes it hard to kill you).

    11. ALWAYS listen to the Clansmen Admin(s) Instructions all the time.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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