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    Before you you get all hot under the collar and start to rant at us, please read the following.

    Make sure it’s our server/s to begin with, you dont know how many people get the wrong site!

    Also use your gaming name as using ‘fred’ on here when your name is “dukeofthenorthernmonkies” will not get an answer.
    We use various ways to keep our servers free from unwanted players that may use alternate ways to ‘booster’ their scores. We’re not saying you maybe one of these players. We just use their services that makes us a happier gaming venue for everyone; a level playing field as to speak.
    Only these providers can remove such bans made by a third party.

    IF, and only IF, we ban you ourselves by mistake, please bring this to our attention. If valid, we will remove the ban.
    We apologise if this happens and will rectify as a we find the reason.

    Note: Breaking our rules will eventually get you removed from our servers/website.
    You will get fair warning before this happens. (Read the text warnings if kicked!)


    PS After the 6th warning you get the permanent ban (The free Clansmen Battlepack a Golden-Ban stripe). No excuses.
    [li] Temp ban 60 minutes
    [li] Temp ban 1 day
    [li] Temp ban 1 week
    [li] Temp ban 1 month
    [li] Permanent ban[/li]
    And lastly. If you receive no reply, the ban stays.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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