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    Hey there, so I went to join your server (32 slot, CM #1 Noobs Only) and upon entry, got kicked. Reason: Sorry, your stats indicate you aren’t a noob.

    I laugh and say, “That must be a mistake.” And try to rejoin. After all, my rank is only 10, as I just started playing this game this week. I go to rejoin again, and get the same kick message.

    I assure you, my stats are quite noobish so I have no idea why the admin would kick me. No I can’t tell you if it was an auto-kick or one of your admins. I would just like to not be kicked when I try to join your server because it is a nice-sized server for me. I hate the 64/48 slot servers. And I have been on the server before level 10 and seen many ranks higher than 10. So I don’t know why your server is kicking me.

    This is my “totally not-noob” stat page:

    This is a screenshot from your gametracker page of who was online at the time this happened.

    If anyone has some insight, that would be great.

    Oh and btw, the server wasn’t even full or anything. 26/32 when I tried to join. So it’s not like I was being kicked for a reserved slot or something.

    Thank you, hope to hear some response.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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