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    My screen name is TSLesley & I’m new to this game. I’m a “trans woman” (I’ll explain what that means if anyone wants to know), from the UK.
    I visited your clan server today & 1 or 2 of your guys were very kind & tried to talk to me. I couldn’t reply, as I didn’t know how. I didn’t have any knowledge on where to type messages & I don’t have “Team Speak”. . .yet. I have only started playing BF3 today. My son bought it for me along with another new game.
    The only problem is I’m rubbish, but then women never seem to be very good soldiers, or maybe cos I’m a noob player, lol. Trying to get the hang of the controls & having 2 left thumbs hitting wrong buttons. Hope I didn’t wreck your aeroplane. Yes I crashed a jeep into it, thinking I could drive underneath the wing. “Women driver” I can hear some say, lol.

    Anyway, I need a lot of practice before I can drive in a straight line, play without getting shot, or knifed within a minute of joining the server. Hell, its dangerous out there, ha ha ha.
    Anyway, hope you don’t mind me coming on your server today, or in the future. If I can become an efficient soldier, instead of a liability, I will be looking for a clan to join. But being nervous, shy & incompetent, I’m not a good asset right now. Anyway, I welcome any/all replies to my post & once I feel a bit more at ease, I may take the plunge. Its early days.
    Thanks for being so kind to me & maybe I’ll log into your server again soon.
    Kindest regards,
    Lesley x

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