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    I’ve noticed a few members use Skype over Mumble.

    Use anything but Skype, Here’s why:

    It works off a P2P system. If there are others in your area who are on Skype, you will share your connection and bandwidth with them. This is at it’s worst if you’re in an apartment or house share with others who are on Skype at the same time. Imagine people tunneling into your computer while you game to use your resources.
    Skype acknowledges it themselves:…communications

    You don’t torrent while you play online, so why run Skype?

    Why use mumble?

    Are you an admin or want to become admin? Admins are required to use mumble, while in game.
    Our clan uses mumble as our dedicated voice server, we should all be in mumble getting to know one another and working as a team. There are dedicated channels broken down in to server, team, and squads.

    Pros and Cons of both.


    Most people already have it installed.
    most people already have an account.
    simple to use.
    tried and true.

    Uses a LOT of bandwidth.
    high latency with large groups. (Even 5-10)
    uses peer to peer, so the “host” computer (the one who started the call) uses up lots of bandwidth which effects game latency.
    You have to have an account to use it.
    Security flaws.
    Closed source.


    Adjustable quality, allows high and super high levels.
    No account needed.
    Our server is user-client based, so there is a server in Us East (Chosen to accommodate our European friends) so no one person gets stuck with lag.
    Allows sub channels for teams.
    No call needed just jump in and out of channel.
    Optional in game overlay to see who is talking.
    optional positional audio, in theory makes others voice sounds like its coming from where their in game soldier is. (This works really well in my experience.)
    adaptive audio will boost or quiet all speech to normal levels.
    Open source, so people are always making cool stuff for it.
    Multiplatform, if anyone is not on PC for some reason.

    Not as many have it installed and ready to use.
    Setup takes a few minutes, but that’s because its working to adjust sound quality for your voice/microphone.

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