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    I can’t believe how spoiled rotten and uneducated my generation is. I’m positive 3/4 of the people saying “FIX THE GAME” and that sort of stuff are between 14 and 20. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THE GAME??? saying “get rid of bad netcode” isn’t an answer. Tell me the line of code that simply registers that you want to move forward. tell me the line of code that binds W to FORWARD. then i might feel the tiniest twinge of sympathy for you. there are THOUSANDS of lines of code that interpret what ONE bullet from ONE players ONE gun does to ONE other person on an OPEN AREA OF A MAP WHILE THEY ARE STANDING STILL. add movement, bullet-penetrable objects and corners, and you easily TRIPLE the amount of code acting on that ONE bullet, if not more.

    Games like Battlefield and Call of Duty tend to go through a one year development cycle anymore because people with short attention spans want a new game quickly. People point to CoD and note that their games dont have a lot of bugs and glitches and whatnot. if you look at it, CoD actually has 2, 2 year development cycles to get the games up to par. That is, 2 DIFFERENT STUDIOS are EACH taking TWO FULL YEARS before they release a game to the public. Battlefield 3 was (nearly) finished before DICE started working on BF4. one year later, BF4 was released. GLITCHY AS HELL. It was thoroughly annoying. but i can live with stuff like that because guess what? ITS A GAME!!! one year later, the game’s WAYYYYYY better. it’s damn near fixed. guess what? that’s almost the end of the 2 year cycle each CoD Studio goes through. YOU MEAN A GAME TAKES TWO YEARS TO MAKE WELL??? Yes. It does. For CoD and BF.

    People take this way too seriously. “IT COST ME $60!!!” you say? guess what? you can make as much in a DAY of work at a fast food joint. “it cost ME $120!!!”. Guess what? WORK ONE MORE DAY! It’s not that hard!

    Considering how much work DICE has put into this, WITH EA CORPORATE BREATHING DOWN THEIR NECKS THE WHOLE TIME NO LESS, i say that all the crap people are giving DICE and all the UNEDUCATED COMPLAINING people are doing to them about what a “terrible game” it is undeserved. If DICE had their way, the game would just now be getting released. and they wouldn’t have even hardly worked on the DLC’s yet. but EA Corporate pushed dice to release before CoD:Ghosts to try and get a few more sales instead of waiting for the game to be up to what DICE wanted it to be. The Battlefield Community is a good one. A (usually) dedicated one. the community would have GLADLY waited for another year before BF4 came out if it meant not having to deal with bugs, glitches, and whatever else you can think of.

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