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    Good day all

    I would like to bring this to attention players that places C4 on any Friendly vehicle. This is considered Trolling and Equipment Destroying this results in the enemy hitting your tank with one blow. This is listed in rules. and is against the rules. I have encountered players doing this 1) To get the vehicle 2) To Troll/For the fun of it 3) To help their friends in the enemy team. Since Schmoove, Tally and Cuba arent always the same time in teamspeak i thought i posted here so that everyone can view this the same and everything.

    It is so annoying to get in a tank only to find your in battle with C4 strapped to you? The other tank then shoots you with one blow or RPG or even jet. This was going on last night in Noob Friendly but couldnt see who it was since i went to a meeting.

    Regards Captain

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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