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    Hello: I have been playing on your BF3 server along with several of my friends. For the most part we really like your server a lot. I get great Ping, the maps are good, and for the most part the players are good. We were trying your server, and hoping to be able to join your clan but lately we have noticed more and more cheaters on the server. The entire time we have played we have not seen one player with CM tags on, an we were wondering if you guys monitor the server now that you have moved to BF4 or higher.

    We all are players from Enemy territory who got sick and tired of all of the cheaters and we are looking for a place to call home. We play about 3 hours a night and almost every night. I have seen other players complaining about players with Wall hacks and guys who can take an incredible amount of hits, and other cheats. The system to report people does not seem to work.

    We tried another server one night this week because the spawn killing was so bad we could not play at all. the server we picked had way to many players (64) for my liking but within a 15 min period there were 3 players kicked for cheating, one thing we have not seen at all on your server. I understand you have a anti cheat loaded, but maybe it needs a new version or something because it also does not seem to work. I was wondering if you could have a player or two drop in and spend some time as admin once in a while to maybe show the cheaters they are not welcome.

    I am sorry to have bothered you guys, I think in my heart you guys mean very well, and are just wanting to have fun, so would a bunch of other players. I also know you can tell me where to go and tell me to play somewhere else. I was hoping you would at least check it out and maybe see there is a problem. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

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