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    From reading the patch notes on CTE, here are the rebalance for the FAMAS, Stinger, IGLA, Cz-3A1, and Mp7.

    “Rifles: The FAMAS rate of fire has been reduced to 900 to eliminate the rate of fire bug that plagued it appearantly, but it is being buffed in other areas. The mag size is being adjusted to 30, but not more is known on that yet. This is the same for the MP7 and CZ3A1.

    AA missiles: The stinger and IGLA is getting a nerf to its accelaration and turn rate to make countermeasures more reliable. Jets also now have the ability to dodge these pesky missiles by doing evasive maneuvers.

    AT weapons: Slams have gotten a blast and radious nerf and now require four to destroy a tank. SMAW’s now fire slightly faster, but that is all.

    They have also buffed the laser sight, but not sure how.”

    These are interesting changes, and I hope it will better balance out the game.

    Just a quick edit, these changes can be changed if DICE doesn’t like it, but I highly doubt it.

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