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    Hi guys, I know the TS server is for really anyone that wants to join in on the fun and should be happy when people join. However, I ran into the issue last night where some kid im guessing from the ages of 8-10 joined TS. Now at first I didn’t really mind, and tried talking to him…but it got bad fast. He was just non stop talking about things stupid stuff and just in general not being productive at all, we tried to tell him he should try and push the objective with us but

    After a while myself and Hax_assassin couldn’t take it anymore and we just muted him. Lucky for me he decided to poke and message me in TS for a good 15 mins before he joined my squad in game and tried using VOIP.

    So to get to the main reason of this post: I was wondering if there was any list made up of the TS admins and how one could get in contact with them in case a situation arises where one is needed but none are on?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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