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    Currently in the CM servers, the definition of Sapwn raping is a shade of gray, it flaxuates rapidly and doess not have any solid stand point of what the line is drawn on Sapwn rapping, I have re-wrote the rule to conform with server regulations, fell free to make changes regarding my ideas in the reply section of this topic, so none the less, lets see the rule:

    My rule regarding spawn rape would be this: Infantry soildeders should not be killed in spawn, unless an infantry soilder has made a threatning act against THE INDEVIDUAL who plans to nuetralize the threat (ex: shooting players firing singers at base by mcoms) aerial vehicals are safe inside spaw point, until a threating act has been started by that air vehical, NOTE: aerial vehicals who leave the base and then come back no longer have base protection agaisnt the attacker ALSO: Jets and Helicopters have right to get into a stable flight before being attacked or attacking (Following infantry rule, if you shoot form base you lose spawn protection at base). If a vehical heads back to its base for repairing/rearming, it is safe, if said vehical has left or not been in that base, it is fair game.

    I composed this rule to clear up rules on spawn rapping, but when it comes down to it. Just avoid the other teams base. If you see any issues with this rule or want to cahnge it, copy and past and reply to this topic with the change ideas.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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