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    Hey there! Steve here!

    So I’ve been thinking about this for a bit and I kind of want to have a Clansmen outfit in the upcoming MMO Star Citizen. The aim of this idea is to hopefully expand on the Clansmen community by meeting like minded people in different games.

    So you might be wondering “Steve what the fuck are you on about and what the fuck is Star Citizen?” Well if I were to type it out it would be the size of a god damn Wikipedia page so I’ll link a video for you all to watch at your leisure


    So pretty cool right? that’s just a small taste of whats to come since that video has been released there have been a number of other videos describing the specific elements that the game will bring to the table. There are so many different videos so i can’t post them all on this page but i will provide links to some of the more important videos.

    FPS because i know that’s what you are all more interested in :cheer:


    While the acting in this video leaves something to be desired the whole element of zero gravity FPS just seems like a really fun concept in my opinion

    There is also the addition of a ship needing more than 1 person to man it as shown in this live game play video


    While the quality of the video may be shit the mechanics that multi-crew ships bring is quite an amazing thing in my opinion.

    So thats the basics of Star Citizen see YouTube for more details.

    Xiltix and I have decided on our own path in the game, we have decided we want to be a mercenary group who’ll take protection contracts from other players while also hunting down the occasional bounty (so you all should be on your best behavior or we will find you and we will capture you.) There are so many different paths you can take in the game. Do you want to be a miner? then you can save up for the Orion mining ship which needs 6 people to have it work to the full potential so bring your friends. You can also become a salvage crew picking apart the bones of dead ships and things like that. ever fancy being a merchant? well in this game you can do that provided you don’t want to make a loss by being raided by some pirates. oh yes, you can also be pirates i mean shit who hasn’t wanted to be a pirate once in their life?

    While a lot of people are expecting disappointment from games lately this game has very high potential and the community has given the developers what they need to give us a great game by raising nearly 88 million dollars in the crowd fund.

    If this post has at all caught your interest in the game i urge you to look at the website for the game, bear in mind you only need to purchase the 45$ pledge to play the game

    A couple of Clansmen Members are already planning on buying the game but it’s always fun to have a big group to play with!

    Thanks for reading the rambling of Steve! have a good day night what ever the fuck time it is for you.

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