Chat Conduct

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Set up your mic!

Before you indulge into banter with your fellow comrades. Please, please, please, set your mic up using the wizard. Then find an empty channel to test it. Once you’re happy that it’s working fine, check with other players to see if its OK. You will find out if you have an ‘open mic’ pretty soon in game. We’re not angry with you, just find it hard to concentrate with someones background noise (kids screaming, TV, traffic, etc) whilst tip toeing around corners hunting wabbits… We mean foes.


General Conduct in Channels

Respect those who are in the Channel and the fact that this is a Clansmen chat Server. Sometimes certain individuals may take offense to various topics or terms, and after being in the CM chat server for awhile, try to familiarize yourself with these people, so you do not later offend them. If you happen to offend them, apologize, even if you think you believe what you said was not offensive. The last thing we need is to start a flame war over a trivial matter that will ruin our chat experience. It’s not just about you.  

We are all here to relax and have a fun time with each other, whilst escaping the drama real life has; the last thing you want to do is to break that drama-free environment. Go ahead, vent at players in game if it helps you relax, just keep in mind the players that are in your channel. They might not like to hear you narrate your entire game-play actions and will quickly get frustrated with you. Normally you will get muted by the other party.


Racism, Offensive Terms, and Vulgarity

These items can often offend any one of any background or culture. Clansmen believe in an free-speech (R rated) conduct. You guys are here to express yourselves and relax, if using some of these terms is how you do it then so be it. However, constantly cursing or saying racist terms in an open channel full of people is the quickest way to lose respect. People may not hate you, or dislike you, but you will quickly grow a reputation for yourself that will drive people away from you and/or mute you if you join the channel. Again, be mindful of the people in your channel, if you offended someone, APOLOGIZE! we are a mature gaming community, lets be civil and act like one. 

The last thing we want to do during our own small tidbits of free time, (when we’re am not being an Admins) is to have to be the Father/Mother for people that cannot settle their own issues. So please everyone, act mature.


Gender in the CM Discord Server or in General

Honestly, this should already be covered under the Vulgarity area, but we will stress it more here. Be respectful of those in channel. If you are saying something that offends a certain individual, apologize, and then keep quiet. We really do not want to say we should be more respectful of females, putting them on a level above us because we do not believe in separation of female, male, homosexual, heterosexual, black, white… etc We only believe in one…human. Its who we are, its what we do that defines us, not what we are. That being said, treat them with respect as you do anyone. They don’t get special treatment. 


Sexual harassment or discrimination whether its from a male to female or female to male will NOT be tolerated. Unless you and said individual are fully aware and are both comfortable with joking about it. If you are uncomfortable with someone addressing you in a sexual manner, speak up, let them know.


If you do not tell them to stop, do not, come crying to an admin. We are a mature gaming community, as previously stated, sort your problems yourselves, if it fails, turn to senior admins for assistance. Just do not be offended if they do not lift you up and put you on a pedestal during the talk. We will not be there as your saviors we are there to stop the immaturity on all fronts and all parties involved. Use the “mute” button.




Pretending to be someone else, not just admins in chat, is against the rules. Continuation will get you removed from the server then banned (IP recorded).

Try to use the AFK (Away From Keyboard) channel when you are actually AFK or show you are AFK. Especially if we don’t know you.