Clansmen Recruitment

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To Begin With:

You must fill out an Application and be accepted into the Clansmen Community before you can put the [CM]/[CMr] tags anywhere in your name! If you are in the Clansmen Platoon on Battlelog, in our Steam group, etc. This does not mean you’re  an official Clansmen member. You will still need to fill out an application!

While we are open to having anybody in our community. We do look for genuine people who will be activly taking part as well.

We are not looking for:

Fly by night players, clan hoppers, joining for VIP access so you can statspad and the like. You need not apply. So your application may stay on hold till you show us you’re serious about joining.

We do understand people have reasons to take a leave (real life stops play) of absence, but we do ask for communication and at least make a topic in the members section if something in real life has come up and you need to take care of it. Real life will always have priority in all situations, we simply ask to just fill us in, if you need to be away for awhile and so forth. You do not need to go into detail on the situation, just give us a heads up that’s all. 

Please Remember:

The more you participate in the forums, in Discord and play in the servers with other [CM] and [CMr] Members, the better your chances at becoming an Official ‘bona fide’ [CM] Member and rank up from recruit [CMr] status. 

Here at the Clansmen community, we are a relatively close group of people. We always talk to each other pretty much every day, even if we are not playing any games. So if you’re in game, with any Clansmen member, then strike a conversation. We enjoy talking on a wide selection of topics and of course having fun with fellow gamers in the community.

Also, Please make sure to check to your application frequently! Although we might not see you in the server due to different world times of game play, please at least check back on the forums and reply to our posts. We might have certain questions that would require some answers. By responding you will at least show us your true interest in the Clansmen Gaming Community and showing you are willing to participate with in the community.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Clansmen Gaming Community. Please read the following sections below for more details on requirements and  what is expected from members.

Requirements To Be Accepted As An Official Clansmen Member [CM] 

We’re happy that you’ve chosen The Clansmen as a place to stay. We will be looking over your application and will get back to you shortly. We do require new recruits to do a few things, not only to prove they plan on participating and being active, but it also gives everyone in a community a chance to meet and greet you as a person as well.

While we are a pretty laid back community,  we do ask for participation. It doesn’t have to be 24/7 within the community, but participation is what makes this community grow. We have set the following things we expect to be done before you can rank up from recruit [CMr] status and become an official [CM] member.

  1. You must have at least 10 hours (after posting your application) of gaming on a CM server
  2. You must have at least 10 hours (after posting your application) of participating on our voice chat server.
  3. Stay active on our Game Severs and the CM our voice chat server.
  4. Participate in the forums

You must complete these requirements within 20 days to become a full CM member. Please do not ask about your status while in the 20 day recruitment period, after which you will get a yes or no answer.

Discord Voice Server Info And Downloads 

We are well aware that some people are simply not comfortable using their actual voice to talk, may be shy or weary of the strangers you are meeting on the internet for the first time. But please do not let that discourage you. Just read below and you will find we are very relaxed when dealing with issues like those within our community.

We do ask that you join our Discord Server as it does promote a fun environment whilst you are gaming. Even one of our founders was once a very shy individual when he first started gaming and participating on a VOIP program like Discord. But over time it truly will bring you out of your shell. You’ll start having a great time (text talk is too slow in a fast paced game) with everyone giving live feedback you’re working as a real team. If you’d like, just hang out in the ” Lobby” and text type or talk to certain individuals,  until you get comfortable in joining a room with people.


For Clansmen Discord Server Rules and Guidelines of what we expect of you in Discord Server please click here.

Our Discord Server Connecton Info: Click here –>Discord

Community Member Expectations

  1. Joining us on Discord and in the CM game servers.
  2. Visiting the forums daily, posting new topics, and responding to others.
  3. When our servers are empty due to low census, server crash etc.. you are expected to support our servers before others. Once the home servers are up and running again and then you want to partake in another server then by all means go for it.

Don’t forget to check back for your recruitment status frequently and join us in Discord when you can. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of Clansmen [CM] as most questions can be answered pretty simply. If your question requires special attention, leave a note on the forum or wait in Discord till an admin is available to assist you.

On a final note. Thank you again for your interest in joining the Clansmen community and we look forward to teaming up with you very soon. Take care now.



Click Here To Apply and Become Part of the Clansmen Community!

Note to leavers.

We don’t bite. So if you choose to leave the clan for any reason, please have the decency to inform us.

We’d rather you part on good terms, that’s all. Just changing your clantag and then gaming on our servers is pretty rude.

So don’t expect some of the regs to be sympathetic towards you if you do.