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    Hi there,

    I was playing on one of your servers when I got killed and then was assigned what appears to be a lifetime ban. I figured I would come to the site and see if I could request an appeal. Then, I saw you usually issue temp-bans on people but I think I saw mine say just ban. I am wondering if this is just a temporary ban or if this is lifetime. I never got a 60 minute or a day or anything. It just kicked me and wouldn’t met me back in.

    If it is temp, awesome! I apologize for my actions and I can promise what was said will not be said again in any abbreviation.

    However, if this is a perm ban, I would like to request a lift on the ban. I want to start out by saying I am not the cleanest player on here when it comes to language, but I don’t ever want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make someone feel bad about themselves. Sure, I, like others, get the rage-spurt of things and might say something but I will usually apologize for it. I believe in a fun, fair game for all and if you look at logs, you will see that although some is vulgar, some of the conversations were actually informative and spirit-lifting/encouraging. I met a lot of new friends and instead of condemning the community like some, I actually complimented them and you for having such nice, fun people to play with.

    I am not asking for immediate reinstatement, but I would like to at least have a second chance to play on the server, whether it is a day from now, or a month from now. If other people got temp bans I would like to have the same chance they had and have the ability to come back. I realize that this is a lot to ask and I understand and respect why you guys do this and have rules like this in place. Although this is going to come off as hypocritical, I agree with the rules on light language. It was uncalled for and I didn’t control myself.

    I am sincerely sorry and I truly hope I will get to play with this awesome community again sometime…

    Thank you for your time

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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